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Inspiring snapshot of Muslim world uprisings from July 2011 to January 2012: Mini Documentary

This brief compilation/documentary looks at the developments in the Muslim world uprisings (the so termed "Arab Spring") between July 2011 and January 2012 on a political and popular level. It looks at Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and other places. It was produced for an event held discussing the uprisings in Sydney, Australia



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New predictions
Shaul Mofaz (Antichrist) will be Israeli Prime Minister(6 june 2012) and After that earthquake in northern Israel and Syria (may 2012)- and the dry lake Kinert/time statesmanship mofaz 427 day and will be killed by jesuse In Jerusalem (8 8 2013)

Saudi Arabia king will be killed - and after
starts War for statesmanship
Extreme Floods In many regions of the world in May 2012
will be eruption Yellowstone APRIL OR may 2012
and will be send out ashes at eight day
will be occupy syria by Jordan army on agoust 2012
and will be war Turkey and Jordan in the north-eastern syria.(11 september 2012).... and after to leave american army in irak Jordan army will be occupy irak on october 2012
And in.... At one point, some of Sufyani's army will sink

into the ground./ This place will be known as Baidah and will be located either between Makkah

:december2012) and Madina-volcano alaise

21december 2012 :Day Death Devil
Will be killing beneficent man in Mecca on 11/11/2012

Jesus on...2013.

- comes to earth from the sky for to help Imam Mahdi to spread

freedom and justice and beneficence in the earth

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