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The Shirk of the Alawi religion/regime: "Assad is our Lord" "We will push Allah into a corner"

Translation: A compendium of shocking clips exposing the blatant shirk of the Alawi religion. This is the non-Islamic cult whose Assad family was given patronage and leadership of Syria by the west under the Eisenhower presidency and thereafter. Through the personality-cult built around the Assad family, the Muslims of Syria have been denied self rule.

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Horns of the Syrian Regime: Encroachment on the Divine

Presenter: Go ahead

Caller: Ask my Sons, Ask my Father, Ask my Grandfather, Ask my In-Laws, Ask Al-Wahid Al-Ahad (Allah SWT), Ask whomever you wish, Bathist is My Deen, and My Rabb (Lord) is Bashar Al-Assad.

Presenter: It is like when someone loves a girl so much, he tells her "I worship you"


And now, while I am On Air, I challenge you and the One who created you (Allah SWT) to prove that the security in Syria is responsible for cutting her (up)


And who is going to push Us (Syria) into a corner? Whoever pushes us into a corner, we will push Allah, the one who created him (i.e. the one who created the one pushing syria into a corner) into a corner


Host: I seek refuge in Allah the Most High The Great.

We can't, we can't,  Sir , No one can put Syria into a Corner. No one can


For Us, We worship Bashar Al-Assad before we do Allah. And I tell it you like that.


But Allah is Exalted, high above the partners they ascribe to Him.

Allah Is The Greatest, above all of the tyrants.


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