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Emotional letter of young Syrian martyr the day before his death [Feb 2012]

The emotional and moving final testament of a young martyr (Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Alwa) in Syria who was murdered by the thugs of the tyrant Bashar Al Assad. May Allah grant him paradise.


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The text of his letter:

(This is the will of Muhammad Abdul-latif Alalwa which he wrote a day before he was killed by thugs of Assad. It is  as if he was feeling that his death was near...)

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

By Allah, my eyes have not shed tears since the beginning of these events until I attempted to hide my photos and recollections. My request to those who remember me is that they supplicate for me and for the Ummah of Muhammad (saw), and that they tell Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, that we are Muslims who desire nothing except to raise the flag of Islam.

May Allah send his blessings upon you O my beloved, O Messenger of Allah. We seek and pray for your intercession on the Day of reckoning. By Allah it is a trust upon anyone who reads this letter to work all his life for Islam without pretense or pride. Indeed, the Messenger spoke the truth when he said: "Islam began strange and it will return strange."

The needy slave of Allah,
Muhammad Abdul-latif Alalwa

There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.


0 #1 studentabdulkadir 2012-02-17 23:01
I pray 4 peace in syria

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