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Event Trailer - A tale of Civilisations and Islam: the true civilisation of Tawheed [Sydney, 17 Dec]

An event for the Muslim youth and community at large, exploring (Talk 1) Islam's status as the civilisation built on Tawheed (Divine Unity) and (Talk 2) the compelling history of competing civilisations over time and Islam's absence from the world stage in the last century. Two dynamic talks, one compelling mini-documentary, refreshments, a magazine launch and details about our exciting upcoming youth events! An event not to be missed.

World history has been a story of civilisations replacing one after the other. The struggle has existed throughout time in all forms. In the last century, we witnessed two competing civilisations vie for superiority as the world watched in fear and awe. But Islam was no where to be found. How did it vanish from this arena as a civilisation that the people of the world might consider as their own? And  why now, after that period of absence, is Islam resurgent? How is Islam built upon Tawheed, and what does this mean? Join us for a fascinating look at the nature of civilisations, their history, and why and how Allah made Islam the most superior of them all.

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Facebook event page: CLICK HERE


Two talks:

1) “Islam: the civilisation of Tawheed”

A Tafsir of Surah al Kafiroon and its profound lessons

2) “The History of great civilisations: The return of Islam”

A look at different civilisations, their rise and fall, and their history in relation to Islam


* The launch of our free magazine.
* Video presentation - 15mins long.
* Refreshments - Free.
* The announcing of our Holiday Programme.

Event details:

* When: Saturday 17th  December, 2011. 6:30 pm start.

* Location: Greenacre Senior Citizens Centre [202 Waterloo Rd, Greenacre]



+1 #1 MasterDouglas 2011-12-04 21:47
"In the last century, we witnessed two competing civilisations vie for superiority as the world watched in fear and awe..." - Well, which 'two' are you talking about? If you mean the USA + China, it is only the US which is "competing ...for superiority" (contending actually). China is simply developing ...but it hasn't had a war for 30 years altho it has 14 nations on its borders or off its coast (incl. Russia, Japan + India). Thus there is only one aggressor ...unless you are taking dictation from the US state dept's bully pulpit, uhh. There is no real reason to fear China + Islam did not develop in isolation in a time when the silk road from the East had existed for centuries. Ideas as well as goods traversed that camel highway to benefit those who could listen....

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