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All Brothers' Community BBQ and Sports Day: 15 Jan 2012

All the details regarding a community BBQ and sports day for ALL brothers (young and old!) which will include some great food, a variety of sports (footie, soccer, cricket, tug of war), a short inspirational reminder and dhuhr salah.  ALL INVITED!

As part of its holiday program for the Muslim youth (and all brothers generally!) Nahda invites all brothers young and old to a Community BBQ and Sports Day. It promises to be an exciting day of food, sports, brotherhood and inspiration. Come share in the blessings and meet some great brothers from the Community.

* Facebook page: Click here.

* When: Sunday 15 January 2012

* Where: Wiley Park (on the Ampitheatre side)

* Time: 11 Am start (sports etc) to go until 4 pm with salah, food in between.

* Food: A majestic BBQ and other awesome finger food, salads, etc.

* Cost: Absolutely free!

* Sports to be played: Cricket, Footie, Soccer, Tug of war, and others! A 5 v 5 Soccer tournament will be a feature.

(Awards to be given for skill and effort!)

* A short, inspirational talk and dhuhr salah.

Some pics from our last sports day (held a while back!):

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