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This documentary presents a brief but fascinating history of world civilisations: how they vied for power and how one came after the other. World history has been a story of civilisations replacing one after the other. The struggle has existed throughout time in all forms. Civilisations this documentary covers: Ancient Greece, Egypt, China, Persia, Rome, Carthage, Islam, Byzanite, Holy Roman (Charlemagne), Mongols, Christianity (and Crusades), France (Napoleon), Britain, Russia, Capitalism, Communism, Nazism. In the last century, we witnessed two competing civilisations vie for superiority as the world watched in fear and awe.

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An event for the Muslim youth and community at large, exploring (Talk 1) Islam's status as the civilisation built on Tawheed (Divine Unity) and (Talk 2) the compelling history of competing civilisations over time and Islam's absence from the world stage in the last century. Two dynamic talks, one compelling mini-documentary, refreshments, a magazine launch and details about our exciting upcoming youth events! An event not to be missed.

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